Pre-school education

No previous English language skills required

Seinäjoki English Playschool pre-school creates a solid foundation of learning English, through language immersion. Each child’s individual plan for pre-school  education will be tailored to meet each child’s level of development and their individual requirements and needs.

Children do not need to have previous English skills when starting at pre-school education. English language skills will be evaluated at the beginning and monitored and supported throughout the pre-school year. During the pre-school year, the children from international background will also learn some basics in Finnish language.

In the CLIL method, children learn the language and the topic simultaneously

Seinäjoki English Playschool uses CLIL -method (content and language integrated learning) in the pre-school education. According to this method, children in pre-school education will learn the language, and the topic content simultaneously. This method is widely recognized in bi-lingual education and is very effective way of learning a new language.

After the pre-school year at Seinäjoki English Playschool, children can apply to bi-lingual primary school education, through a language test.