Language immersion

Seinäjoki English Playschool uses language immersion method

Seinäjoki English Playschool uses language immersion methods in all the activities and as a key element for learning. Language immersion method is widely recognized by linguists around the globe as one of the most effective ways for the young children to learn a new language. This method is based on vast amount of academic study, emphasizing on child’s natural ability to learn through play and especially through example.

In the language immersion, the children absorb and learn a second language through various activities that they are naturally interested in. At Seinäjoki English Playschool, play is regarded as a fundamental element, a basic tool that is guiding all the pedagogical activities.
The immersion teacher uses the new language in all their activities.

Play and its different opportunities are key

Children learn the language through these activities and through example from their teachers: vocabulary is learned through rhymes, songs, games and play as well as craft, music and exercise within different themes related to child’s world. Children are encouraged to use the immersion language in all their daily routines and the children learn the language at their own pace, within their own capability.

All the activities are conducted in small groups. This will give our teachers an opportunity for individual attention and support for all the children. Our teachers are always part of children’s activities, taking every opportunity in our daily routines for teaching through their example.