Mission statement & goals

Early years and preschool education in a versatile, international learning environment, in English.

Our main objective is to support each child’s overall development in co-operation with child’s home. Key element is learning English, implemented with language immersion methods and supporting the existing language skills. Our goal is to support each child’s individual and overall development in a versatile, safe learning environment.

International approach

International approach and multicultural values are highlighted in Playschool pedagogy. Part of this is good manners and respect towards each other. Our aim is to support each child’s own self-esteem and confidence. Trusting yourself and your own skills creates solid foundation for values of equality and diversity. Playschool families are encouraged to be part of our activities from the start and actively take part in creating a trusting Playschool community.

Our learning environment

Playschool premises have been carefully designed to provide safe and versatile learning environment for the children. We would like to give the children opportunities to change their own learning environment according to their needs. We have a lot of space, for small group activities and also for inside physical activities.

We have a big yard in park surrounding, next to a forest. Important part of Playschool pedagogy is to explore the nature around us and to learn to respect nature’s versality. Having nature so close to us, will give endless opportunities this.