Seinäjoki English Playschool is city of Seinäjoki service voucher daycare. You can apply for a daycare place through our website or alternatively through city of Seinäjoki service center.
All the daycare fees are calculated according to service voucher agreement. Daycare fees are the same as in city of Seinäjoki daycares. Playschool does not have any additional service charges.

The following principles of selection to Playschool are applied:

English pre-school education has 63 child positions available yearly.

Child positions are filled by age group as follows:

  • 6-year-olds (pre-school): 21 places
  • 1 to 5-year-olds: max. 42 places, in two different child groups

Those children who have started at English Early Childhood Education (at the age of 1-5 years) have priority for a pre-school place.

After the pre-school year at Seinäjoki English Playschool, children can apply to bi-lingual primary school education, through a language test.

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